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Born 30th May 2018

We welcome 3 beautiful kittens - The first litter here at NO*Loza's!

IT*Bartolomeo of Scratch of Smiles
NFO n 03 22

SC (N)Migoto's Viola DVM
NFO a 22

Dad - Meo is a broad boy with medium body length. He has a beautiful NFO typical head. He has a great fur quality + a fun and social temper.

Viola is a large girl with super boning, big ears and green beautiful eyes. She has a great profile, very good chin, fantastic NFO look and coat quality. This girl has a huge personality, but arguably the nicest temper you could have in a cat.

 Armida                   Andres                  Alvaro
NFO a 03 22                       NFO a 03 22                       NFO a 09 22

 Sold                                         Sold                                       Sold 


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