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WW'23 SW'24 NSW'24 JCH NO*Ennakeem's Nox JW "Ghost"


Where to begin?
I was (Sofia) 8-9 years old when I
saw an oriental shorthair at a catshow and fell in love instantly with the breed. I gave my mum a hard time begging to have a kitten, haha! The time was never right and I kept it as a dream to own one. Everytime we went to catshows during these years my heart dropped everytime I saw an Orental or Siamese

Now that I'm older with more time on my hands, I contacted Anne and told her that I could gladly be on a waiting list for my perfect kitten, I've waited 10 years so I could might as well wait a bit longer.

Anne contacted me in August 2023 and said she had a boy for me. I actually started to cry when I saw pictures of the beautiful siamese baby, and the next day I went to get him.

He became world winner 2023 i Strasbourg, France, at the age of 6 months. I have no words, you can say it was worth the wait and I'm glad i took my time and waited patiently for my dream kitten!

He has filled my life with so much joy and excitement and he is everything I have ever wished for. Thank you so much Anne Røed Meek for letting me buy Ghost!

He is of course named after my favourite band! And Ghost will stay with me as a pet and for catshows. He is already a great adittion to the family and the other cats likes him even though he looks a bit strange ;D


Sire: SW'23 SC NO*Ennakeem's Ikos JW, SIA c
Dam: NO*Ennakeem's Foxy, OSH b


Born: 01.05.2023

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