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NO*Loza's Champagne
NFO g 09 22


We waited and waited for Brianna to give birth. Gyri was working night and Sofia was home alone. Brianna started giving signs and Gyri rushed home and the second she got in the door - little Champagne was born. We both fell in love instantly - we share the same love for blue torties and knew Champagne had to stay!

Champagne has got big ears with lynx!  A perfect NFO look and a super profile. She is such a copy of dad Prince, but she shares the same temperament as her mother and grandfather Rabel. It is never boring when Champagne is around and we really love her.

Very excited to see what Champagne can bring to the cattery!


Sire: (N)Tumay's Prince, NFO n 03 24
Dam: NO*Loza's Brianna JW, NFO f 24

EMS: NFO g 09 22

Born: 8th July 2020

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