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SP SC S*Viento's Tequila Rose JW DSM DVM
NFO f 09 22


Tilla moved here from Sweden as a kitten and she was then our hostcat for Eva at Migoto's. Since then she was so kindly gifted to us by Eva, thank you! 

Tilla has got a large body, a beautiful NFO look and a super profile and triangle.  This girl has excellent boning and a big personality. Tilla just wants everyones best and welcomes everyone with a big cuddle.


Since Tilla was neutered her coat has really fluffed up and continues to charm everyone at show and at home.


Sire: EC S*Utblicken's Zimson, NFO as 24
Dam: S*Zimexi's Elektra Rose, NFO f 03 22
EMS: NFO a 09 22
Born: 14th May 2013

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