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IC NO*Zera's Fia NFO f 09 24


Sire: IC DK*Sakeena's Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, NFO d 03 23
Dam: IC NO*Zera's Bella Blue, NFO a 09 24

EMS: NFO f 09 24
Born: 25th October 2016

Fia is the first female we bought together and she is a powerful girl  with a long body, ears that you could fly with + a super profile and coat texture.

At home she is humble, cuddly and purrs louder than you could imagine. All in all she is just very charming and lovely to be around! We hope for many lovely litters with Fia so that we can carry through her fantastic qualities.

Thank you so much Hege Sperling (Zera's) for letting Fia move to us. We love her!

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