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(N)Tingoskattens Emilio

NFO d 09 22


Emilio has got such a nice red color, pattern and we love his appearance. He has got big ears with lynx, a long body, super profile and chin. He is a copy of his dad Prince in many ways.

Emilio is really humble, sweet and a purring machine. We believe he'll be a super addition in the house and for the cattery! He is not scared of anything and is already best friends with his sister Champagne.

Thank you so so much Brita (Tingoskattens) for entrusting us with this amazing boy!



Sire: (N)Tumay's Prince, NFO n 03 24
Dam: CH (N)Tingoskattens Wivi, NFO f 09 24
EMS: NFO d 09 22
Born: 29th June 2020

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