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NO*Loza's Gabor JW
NFO ns 09 22


We were so excited for Elektras first litter and we hoped for some silver beauties! And of course we were blessed with a very nice litter and it was difficult to choose which one that were going to stay home with us. After following Gabors amazing development we knew he could bring so many strong qualities to our cattery!

Gabor is a big big male with the weight of 8 kilos and he's got a strong boning. He's got a profile to die for and the sweetest temper you could ask for in a fertile male. His silver is also very nice + his strong expression and beautiful ears. 

Very excited to see what Gabor can bring to the cattery!


Sire: (N)Tingoskattens Emilio, NFO s 09 22
Dam: NO*Ultvedtkatten's Elektra, NFO ns 24

EMS: NFO ns 09 22

Born: 23.02.2022

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