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NO*Loza's Champagne 9 weeks!

And new pictures!


NO*Loza's D-litter 3 weeks! For new pictures of the little ones press the picture



no*Loza's brianna junior winner!

At Jyrak catshow

15th september 2019!

Smaalenene katteklubb

15th June and  16th June 2019

NO*Loza's Brianna best in show both days in Ski! Such a special weekend for us because Brianna is the first cat from our cattery that becomes BIS.

NORAK katteklubb

11th May and 12th May 2019

Blomst best in show both days with all votes and Prince became best in show with all votes Sunday. Happy happy!

Catshow in Karlstad

28th June 2019

Blomst BIV, nominated and best in show!!

Prince ex 1, BIV and NOM.

Brianna ex 1 and BIV.

This is where we live